Unleash Your Zest On the Trails ᐅ Why Trail Running Rules

Unleash Your Zest On the Trails ᐅ Why Trail Running Rules

“Trails keep changing, from start to finish, from one season to another, which means there’s always a new way to empower yourself.”

Running - our favorite high-intensity workout that is challenging due to its demand for constant performance. The act of running can be compared to the pursuit of progress, wherein forward is the only way to go. However, it is understandable when regular running routines become monotonous, and the heart yearns for something bigger, better, and more adventurous. Enter Trail Running.

Trail Running, also known as Adventure Running, is usually pursued over longer distances and across dynamic and demanding terrains. Usually a solitary activity, trail running allows individuals to conquer unpredictability and move in sync with nature. Making the leap from road to trail can be a transformative experience, especially on rougher terrains that are steep, addled with natural hindrances and challenging conditions. Here, unfamiliarity acts as an adrenaline rush for the thrill-seeker.


Start off easy and slow. Dedicate an entire day to exploring a nearby trail that is more or less trodden by other runners every day. Slip-on your sturdy sports shoes, carry a hydration pack and some preliminary first-aid, and venture into the path-laden wilderness. Keep your initials milestones semi-easy and achievable - don’t push yourself too far and make sure to take frequent rest, especially if the terrain is unforgiving. Familiarize yourself with the topography, while making a mental note of prominent natural landmarks for easier navigation. 

Off-road Running is undoubtedly much more demanding in invariable ways, especially due to the fact that it hinges on the continuous working of muscle fibres in your ankle. Mountain running places a special kind of movement-based emphasis on your quads and challenges your balancing abilities in the form of unpredictable terrain. Additionally, you might often have to cross a small stream or tangled mess of rocks and trees, which, with time and practice, will further sharpen your coordination and parkour skills. 

Pro Tip: When the terrain seems to be especially treacherous, you can take a cue from frequent trail runners who use running poles to combat elevation gain effectively. The technique used is similar to Nordic Walking - this will allow you to tone your upper body, shoulders, back, and triceps in a way that energizes you to the core.


Needless to say, running on unpaved surfaces that are mostly rocky and uneven can be physically demanding. As you zoom past the forest, your body weight will come crashing down on your bones, joints, and ligaments. In order to prevent discomfort, you need to bank upon running shoes that are designed to provide cushioning, style, and comfort. Sports shoes for men that are ideal for trail running should provide: 

  • Thick insole for extra mileage
  • Updated lacing for better grip 
  • Upper mesh for breathability
  • A sporty vibe that matches your zeal

And what does the right shoe look like? Low and behold:


In case you’re weary of injuries during your first trail run, make sure to carry a first-aid kit with you.  You can also start with softer trails, such as plain roads lining a forest or an undergrowth of coniferous trees.

Don't Conform. Perform

Trail running will prove to be a breath of fresh air for those who are generally used to moving around in their neighborhood parks, treadmills, or paved, even sidewalks. It will especially appeal to the doers who wish to flaunt and better themselves with panache - slipping on your Avants will only make your journey rich, whole, and happening. Go, work on your pace, your balance, your core strength - don’t forget to conquer the clouds.