True or False ᐅ Busting 5 Common Running Myths

True or False ᐅ Busting 5 Common Running Myths

The Usain Bolt in all of us yearns to run! From the early morning joggers to the competitive athletes, we all are inclined towards pacing to and fro – hither and tither – putting one foot after the other, syncing in with one of the most common and widely accepted forms of exercises. However, owing to the fact that some clichés tend to do utmost justice to moments such as this – we are bound to admit that once an act becomes commonplace, it is natural that it gets riddled with rumours and myths, thereby losing its factual appeal. Hence, the act of running too comes accompanied by myths one-to-many and we feel that it’s our prime responsibility to debunk them – for once and all.

Pull-on your lightweight sports shoes or slip-on running shoes, for what follows shall put us on the right track with respect to our knowledge regarding running. Three, two, one – here we go:

  1. Strength Training Slows You Down

    You can say that again – then, again and again, yet it still won’t come any nearer to being the truth. The fact of the matter that defies the aforementioned myth is that the best endurance athletes in the world, devote 10% of their time to strength training. On the contrary, strength training yields improved muscular endurance, flexibility and posture. While we are at it, let’s bust another similar myth alongside – runners don’t require upper body strength training – well, no, of course, they do for running is not only about moving your legs – rather it’s the harmonious coordination of one’s entire body!

  2. Anyone Can Run
    People think that they can’t master the art of running – and in order to explain themselves for the same, they master the art of making excuses! Think, fat, short, old, young, or bald – anyone can run if they harbour the zeal to do so. True, we are not denying the fact that once you start running, you are heading straight to the Olympics – only 0.0001% of the world population has been able to do so – but hey, running is not always competitive, it’s in-fact liberating. Hence, it’s never too late to start!

  3. Stretching Is A Must Before Running
    Well, yes and no. Let’s begin with the latter. No, because if you’re practising static stretching, then you’re holding a muscle in a lengthened position for a given period of time. Pros – none. Cons – it worsens your performance and in no way, reduces the risks of injuries. Now, let’s focus on the former. Yes, because if you’re practising dynamic stretches in order to warm up, then you’re raising your body temperature and increasing blood flow to the muscles – which is a good thing with respect to running as it preps you up for long hauls.

  4. Don’t Run in the Cold

    We are not propelling you to go ‘Flash’ during the snowy winter – no. Although, let’s get rid of the common misconceptions associated with running in the cold. Firstly, you are not going to catch a cold while running for during the cold weather, you’re prone to catch cold, anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. Also, you’re more susceptible to common cold viruses, when you’re indoors rather than outdoors. Secondly, moderate running during the cold weather tends to boost your immune system. Lastly, it also helps in combating SAD and stimulates extra calorie burning.

  5. No Pain for Gain

    Regardless of what all motivation mantras propel you to do, stay relaxed and try to run and exercise in a comfortable environment. For if you start adhering to motivational mantras then you’re going to run amok like a ferret and that’s not going to do you any good. Also, decades of research is vocal of the fact that even the most successful athletes channel 80% of their training time via comfortable intensity. So, don’t struggle until you have to.

Why should one run? You might answer: to lose weight, stay fit, prevent illness, improve mental health, lengthen life, and whatnot. While that is absolutely true, the primary reason why we run is because it is cathartic. We run to liberate ourselves - with Avant, you can touch the skies too.