Here Are 5 Signs That Prove That You Need New Running Shoes

Here Are 5 Signs That Prove That You Need New Running Shoes

Running is a physically explosive activity, that functions as a viable choice of exercise for professional runners, athletes, gym-enthusiasts, and fitness buffs alike. Not to mention, it is also an extremely cathartic act, that allows one to release much-needed endorphins, along with pent up angst and everyday stress. 

At some crucial points, we need to upgrade our athletic running shoes to the next level. Running shoes are the conduit to safe and effective running, hence you need to choose running shoes that are :

  • anti-slip
  • holds the ability for shock absorption
  • helps provide proper cushioning for the toes
  • thickly-padded, facilitating even balance distribution
  • able to withstand everyday wear and tear 
  • double as a cool fashion statement 

If you’re still stuck with an old pair of sneakers or have recently upped your mileage on the running track, it’s time to switch to Avant. In essence, we are committed to the misfits who refuse to settle. Here are 5 signs that point towards the fact that it is time to buy new running shoes. 

The Midsole is Compressed 

The first place a runner must check for wear and tear is the shoe’s midsole. If you notice that your shoes have lines throughout the foam, it is definitely time to buy a new pair. These lines are formed when the shoe’s cumulative run time is above 500 kilometres and is visible in the midsole material from the sidewall of the shoe. As the midsole is further compressed, the compression lines increase and get closer together. 

The Upper is Loose 

A wide range of running shoes for men feature engineered meshes or knit uppers, promoting comfort and durability for the wearer. While your shoe might not be coming apart at the seams, you might notice that they fit a lot bigger than you’re generally comfortable with wearing. This also means that it is time for a new pair - as running in shoes that are too loose can potentially cause injuries and add unnecessary strain on your feet muscles. 

You’ve Started To Slip While Running 

As an athlete, you might end up running on trails, treacherous terrains, mud, snow, or highlands. While our running shoes are designed to trailblaze on different terrains and have anti-skid properties, most shoes might not be able to do the same effectively, let alone when they are totally worn out. If your shoes are slipping on relative dry surfaces, especially while performing mild lunges and short runs, then you definitely need a new pair. You should also buy a new pair, as slipping can cause untoward injuries, especially on uneven and ragged topographies. 

You Suffer From Plantar Fasciitis 

Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to your toes. If you’re experiencing sudden tightness in the bottom of your foot, or your feet aren’t able to achieve the same kind of impact like you usually do, then it is best to consult a medical professional to determine if you have Plantar Fasciitis.  Also, if your running shoes lose their responsiveness, your feet might be enduring more impact than it should. Time to change your shoes.

They Look Worn Out 

Your running shoes might’ve just endured the wrath of everything wear and tear and started to show signs of degradation. In short, you are in dire need of a shoe makeover! Avant shoes are perfect for everyday wear. Our neon-tinted shoes especially offer an extremely chill, steampunk vibe, that aims to evoke an aura of effortless swag. 

At Avant, we believe that moving forward is the only way. Why cling to the past when you can change the future?