Diving into the World of Athleisure | Avant Shoes that Help you Join the Game

Diving into the World of Athleisure | Avant Shoes that Help you Join the Game

Athleisure has taken the world by storm, due to its offering of constant comfort, along with premium style points. This trend came into vogue over the last decade - however, it was birthed as early as the 1970s - a time when fitness regimes gained popularity for the first time. This fad prompted sportswear brands to fine-tune their clothing to suit athletic movement and activity-fueled wear and wear. Today, we at Avant, have mastered the art of crafting the perfect athleisure shoes that are a match made in sports-heaven for our community of doers. 

However, first, we need to understand: what is athleisure?

Understanding the True Meaning of Athleisure

While most fashion-related trends are ephemeral, athleisure has proven to be an exception, as it is gradually evolving into a full-fledged lifestyle, especially for the youth. Why is that?


Athleisure, much like Avant shoes, is versatile in nature, and can be work on several occasions, which are not related to sport. Avant believes in constant innovation, a sentiment that an integral part of our range of athleisure shoes.

Comfort and Style Factor

Athleisure is all about giving off a “laid-back, chill” vibe. They can be donned anywhere, at any time - this has contributed to all kinds of individuals, athlete/sportsperson or not, have embraced this style. Most athleisure apparel/shoes boast of being durable and odour-free, which is what intrinsically makes it a go-to option. 

The athleisure market continues to grow to this day, gaining preference over denim.

Athleisure Shoes | Run with Avant

Adding performance to style, athleisure shoes at Avant make sure to grant you the perfect mileage for running endless miles. We ensure that our range of lightweight running shoes truly make you feel like you’re walking on air! They also offer carefree comfort while you’re out there on a mission to get moving. Our sports shoes offer:

  • Thick insole for extra mileage
  • Updated lacing for better grip 
  • Upper mesh for breathability
  • A sporty vibe that matches your zeal
  • A universal colour palette that allows you to mix and match.

For instance, our Ultra-light Running Shoes featured in one of our Instagram posts,  hold the following specifications:

Follow our Instagram to experience the Avant hype!

Follow our Instagram to experience the Avant hype!

  • It features a 5mm thick insole for added comfort and durability.
  • It is ideal for running, training, gym usage, walking and all other daily/sports-related activities.
  • In terms of style, it goes very well with a casual or a cyberpunk vibe

Unlike most casual footwear, Avant sports shoes make wearers should feel comfortable in them, right from the moment they slip them on. As sportspersons/sports enthusiasts need to ensure that there is at least a 1/2 inch space between their longest toe and the tip of the shoes for optimum comfort, Avant shoes offer ample space to wiggle your toes! This helps reduce cramping and enhances overall comfort levels. They are also ideal for the summer, as it helps absorb sweat and keep feet dry. 

So, dare to be a winner and aim for the stars with the help of our extensive range of athleisure shoes!